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Innovative Acoustics represents and installs the finest and most exciting stretched fabric system. We specialize in SNAP-TEX, a site built stretch fabric mounting system that has eliminated all problems that the industry has struggled with through the years. These problems, such as trying to achieve clean and crisp edges, uniform reveals, tight and flush joints, fitting to adjoining millwork, ceilings , base, and so on, are solved by the use of this SNAP-TEX system.

Since virtually any fabric can be used, architects and interior designers worldwide are confidently using SNAP-TEX as a feature product in expressing their innovative interior designs, while also achieving the pleasant environments provided by acoustical treatments. Because of its aesthetically appealing characteristics, durability, sound absorbing properties, and the ability to easily replace the fabrics as desired for a new expression, SNAP-TEX gives to you a great tool to impress with your newest designs.

Innovative Acoustics welcomes any requests you may have on budgets, samples, mock-ups, designs, details, layout, specifications and questions.

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